ARTWINE 36 Ruby Brut Sparkling Wine

A slightly tannic, mineral with coffee and notes of dark berries, and ripe cherries. Perfectly suited to meat dishes, savory vegetarian dishes, fine cheeses, and nuts.

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Crafted 236 feet underground in the world’s deepest sparkling winery and fermented in the bottle for 36 months, this Rose Brut dazzles with bright, multifaceted aromas of berries and light mineral finish.

Artistry in a bottle.

From start to finish this fine wine is crafted 236 feet underground in constant temperatures of 57-59°F using the same natural techniques practiced for over 300 years in Champagne, France. The juice from the grapes is extricated under the weight of the grapes themselves with little skin contact. Primary fermentation in tanks creates a dry wine without sugars, allowing the selection of the best blends. During the next 40 – 50 days, active secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, and the wine is naturally saturated with carbon dioxide. Further aging in the bottle for at least 36 months occurs on yeast lees, allowing the wine to acquire its multifaceted bouquet and full palate.

Fresh, harmonious, complex, balanced with tones of aging and an exquisite, long berry finish.

NOSE: Bright, multifaceted aroma with tones of raspberry and blackberry, light mineral, and floral notes.

PAIRINGS: Serve with shellfish, smoked salmon, and fine cheeses.

COLOR: Copper pink with glitter.

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