The Uncorked Story

Uncorked is a fully integrated wine and spirits wholesaler and importer based in Bedford, NH, distributing within the heart of New England.  Our founding mission, to educate the public about our high-quality regional wines, has grown along with our company to include quality wines from around the globe. We know there are good wines everywhere and our task is to find them, and bring them home to New England for everyone to enjoy.

Since our inception in December of 2012, we have built a portfolio of over 600 award-winning wines and are continually looking for new products to introduce to our ever growing and discerning clientele. It’s exciting to find retailers and restaurants coming to us to for quality assurance—something we guarantee.

Good wine is not limited to specific regions or countries. Good wines can be found in places where you would not expect to find them and made from grapes with which you may not be familiar. Our goal is simple: we are committed to introducing you to fabulous grapes, wineries, and harvests—ultimately just wonderful wine in your glass!

If you would like to carry some of our wines, please complete the form below or call 888-811-0762.