Chateau de Cranne – Domaine Lacoste

Sixth GENERATION: Vincent Lacoste took over in 2008.
Our history begins when Jean Villars bought the vines and mix crops lands in 1833, then he acquired the house August the 20th in 1839.

Younger, Vincent was not interested in the vineyard. It is through his studies in the Agriculture Superior School of Angers (ESA) that his motivation grew to continue the legacy of five generations dedicated to the production of wine. In the region of Anjou. Vincent talked with wine producers who are involved in Organic Agriculture and his concern begins to grow until January of 2010 when he took the decision to change all the production into organic.

The quality of our wines is directly linked to the terroir and its own expression, with a specific geographical area, the type of soil, and favorable climatic conditions. knowledge and experience allow us to offer you a variety of wines with their own characteristics, flavors and personalities.