“The artistic expression of making rum” ®

The Jaguar likes to go hunting from dusk and all night until dawn; It is perhaps the reason why the Mayans linked it with the night and with the sun, since they considered that the sun at sunset transformed into a jaguar that with its ferocity fought with the forces of the underworld and managed to emerge victorious at dawn. that is to say, the sun came out again every morning, thanks to the Jaguar, because it had defeated the forces of the night.

The message of our ancestors is very clear to us and, with each sip of rum, we would like to inspire you to be like that Jaguar who was able to defeat the one who threatened to take away the light of human existence. The Jaguar is a symbol of strength, power and warrior spirit; whatever it is that threatens to take the light out of our life, it can be defeated.

There is no doubt, in the Mayan Culture there is an ancient legacy that still awaits to be revealed. Ron Bonampak and Ron Izapa, bear their names in honor of two Mayan archaeological sites in Chiapas with which we identify ourselves because in “Rums of Mexico” there is still much to reveal to you.