Château de la Clapiere

From the sixteenth to the end of the eighteenth century, this vineyard belonged to the famous Marquis de Mirabeau, famous politicians and also great wine lovers. One of them, not being able to resist the charm of this endearing wine, was even nicknamed “Mirabeau-Tonneau”!

The name of “Clapier” corresponds to the locality, but one also finds its origin in the Provençal word “clapas” meaning pile of stone (the ground being so stony, the peasants used to make piles of stones and to cultivate the earth around).

It is in 1880 that the domain enters our family, bought by our ancestor Théodore Barataud. He built wine cellars (at the forefront of progress for the time with destemmer animated by a steam engine …). He installed large oak barrels in the cellar, still in state today that can hold up to 240 hl of wine. They were brought in spare parts by the train and then reassembled on the spot.

We have evolved using modern techniques adapted to ancestral know-how.