Gala Vinarstvi

From winemaker Jaromir Gala: Is it a gift, mission, challenge, good luck or fate? I am grateful for having the opportunity to be part of something that humans have been doing for thousands of years since the moment they first planted a vine bush.

That I have been allowed to participate in passing wine-making experience from generation to generation, when the wild vine has been transformed in its cultural forms, when the winemaker chooses the best possible location for his bushes so that he not only reaches an attractive appearance of the fruit but also fills the berries with spicy and fruity flavour, pushing the vine roots to penetrate among particles of the eroding parent rock in order that they take in extractive substances harmonising every sip of wine and resembling the originality of the unmistakable environment associated with the eternal potion of joy, love, or wisdom.

Or it is just the way it is and you can take part of it..