Torre de Barreda

Wine has been made at this estate since the 17th century. The numerous tinajas (big stoneware amphoras) that are still present, are the perfect illustration of this viticultural past. It was also the first cellar in the Toledo province to have registered for the D.O.

The vines and the bodega are located in Corral de Almaguer. The renovation of the estate was started by Juan de la Barreda’s father (new tanks, barrels, modernisation of the cellar and its winemaking machinery).

La Mancha is mainly known for its numerous cooperatives and their mass production of white Airén. But at Torre de Barreda, the emphasis is on the red Cencibel (aka Tempranillo), even if it was only planted here in the 90’s. In 1999, the first Torre de Barreda was launched; that same year, the new generation Juan junior, joined the firm.