Martin Freixa

From When coming to wine, I have my personal idea. I like mostly all kind of good wines. As often said, life is too short for bad wine. All good wines are good for me, but I have a clearly idea about my ideal wine.

I want to drink noble, elegant and fine wines where you don’t need to have food to be able to enjoy them. My perfect wine is the one you drink in the morning or in the afternoon before or while you wait for dinner. Therefore, they need to be so good that you can drink them alone with no need to be having a steak to swallow it. My point is that the best wine is the one you enjoy directly.

And that’s exactly my idea behind this new step in my career. Apart from working and managing wineries which I have done with lot of passion for almost two decades, I wanted to produce my ideal wine. I wanted to have my personal perfect wine. And therefore I started working on this idea. Maybe I have not achieved my ideal wine, but I’ve been not far.

This is the philosophy behind this project: the search of production of harmonic, noble, fine and elegant wines.