Viñas de la Erre was founded in 2010, but the Rocha family’s relationship with the land goes back to 1985. That year, Claudio and Nelly Rocha purchased Hacienda San Martín Caballero on La Ruta del Vino in the Valle de Guadalupe. For 25 years, Claudio and Nelly used the land as a cattle ranch and farm. It wasn’t until a 2008 meeting with Rogelio Morales, Cellar Manager and Assistant Winemaker for Spring Mountain Winery, that the Rocha family thought to use the land for winemaking. Rogelio was astounded by the potential of the land, and in 2010 Viñas de la Erre was born. Rogelio now serves as Master Enologist, Claudio works as the Vineyard Manager, and his son Ernesto is the Winemaker. Viñas de la Erre now produces some of the top wines in all of the Valle de Guadalupe.