Paso de Serra is a young up and coming winery located in the Valle de Colón, Querétaro, within sight of the world famous Peña de Bernal monolith. This winery is located 6,466 feet above sea level just north of the 20th parallel. Water is scarce in this semi-arid climate and Paso de Serra must practice extreme viticulture with their 10 hectares of vines. Proprietors Alvaro Larrondo and Renata Gomez got their start in the same way as many wineries in Querétaro – they were originally farmers supplying grapes to Finca Sala Vivé. In 2013, they debuted their first vintage of wines with Previo, a young vines blend. In 2015 they introduced the Beatus line, a reserve selection of mature vine single varietal wines. Alvaro Larrondo serves as winemaker, and good friend Lluis Raventós, of Freixenet México, provides technical advice and experience. We are truly impressed with the quality of wine coming from this young winery, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.