5OS Project Mataro

A youthful palate greets you, and unfurls across the taste buds. An array of black fruits and vanilla pod, with cinnamon, dried meat, pastry and a healthy dose of cedar. Still tight but poised to reveal itself at any given moment. Silky and smashable in equal measure.


A good, medium bodied wine where all sorts of warmed spices and floral notes explode out of the glass and the tannins bolt to the sides of your mouth where the acid turns up the dial and tells your brain ‘hold on here, we’re on’.
Colour: Deep garnet softening at the rim.
Nose: Herbs and savoury tones first with dried meat and a superb array of berry fruit following.
Palate: Well judged. Tannins are firm but forgiving. A mixed punnet of cherry, cranberry, blackberry with a cinnamon stick on top. Savoury at the back palate offset by the fruit sweetness. Juicy and delicious.