Estrada Palacio Vispius White Wine

Vispius a modern wine, of an ‘international taste’, made from Gar- nacha and Tempranillo wine grape varieties.

Tasting: Brimming over with elegant black and red berry fragrances, fruity, silky and fresh in mouth where it harmoniously combines volume, softness, body, silkiness and refinement.

Wine Pairing: Alone, with cured meats, sauced pastas, rice with meat, grilled or roasted oily fish, cod stews, red or lean meats. Also with fresh and mid matured cheeses.


Vispius White is a wine with a series of self extraordinary qualities and characteristics which give it taste and fragrances of its own, different from other white wines.

Tasting: Intense exotic and tropical bouquet, with subtle fragrances of pear and linden tea. Fruity and fresh in mouth, with a body and acidity that gives the wine its back bone, necessary to keep its character.

Wine Pairing: On its own, with salmon, sea-food, battered fish, lean fish, vegetables, green asparagus, rice and paella.

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