Lusovini Sericaia Vino Blanco

Sericaia wines are born from the need to rediscover a “terroir” of distinct identity within the Alentejo region. A terroir that can be hold in high regard internationally. In 2013, we identified the São
Mamede Mountain, in Portalegre, as the sub-region with the perfect characteristics to start the production of Alentejo wines in altitude and with a distinctive character.

In the São Mamede Mountain, we find a fusion between the schist, clay, and granite soils, where we can produce wines of an unmatchable freshness and elegance in Alentejo.


Climate: Continental—Mediterranic
Soil: Granite with limestone materials
Grape Varieties: Antão Vaz and Roupeiro
Winemaking: Fermentation with a controlled temperature between 14 and 16oC.
Aging: Aged 2 months in cellar after bottling, before being released to the market
Alcohol Content: 13,5% ALC. By VOL.

Colour: Citrus Yellow
Aroma: Very Perfumed, hints of flower, mango, and spices
Taste: Unctuous without losing freshness, in na appealing set with character.
Final Taste: Long and persistent