Pedra Cancela Seleçāo do Enologo

The Pedra Cancela Selecção de Enólogo/Winemaker’s Selection wine was thought through to have a modern profile without dismissing the tradition of the Dão wines, providing a palate of aromas and flavors of the region for an appealing price.


Climate: Continental—Mediterranic
Soil: Granitic and coarse sand, slightly acidic and with poor nutrients
Grape Varieties: Encruzado, Cerceal Branco, and Malvasia
Winemaking: Total destemming. Cold, pre- fermentative pelicular maceration. Soft pressing of the grapes, followed by static decantation. Fermentation at 15oC.
Aging: Aged 1 month in the cellar before being released to the market.
Alcohol Content: 13,0% ALC. By VOL.

Colour: Bright greenish yellow
Aroma: Citric and mineral
Taste: Fresh, mineral, white pulp fruit and good balance
Final Taste: Pleasant Sensation of freshness