Henry Simon FT Grande Cuvée Clerget Sparkling Rosé Brut

Hand harvested. The dry growing season of 2020 gave the grape very good concentration. Vinification follows a Burgundy way with high percentage of destemming. Local yeasts are used and no sulfur added during the vinification.


This sparkling wine is produced according to the Charmat method, also called the tank method, where the second fermentation occurs in the tank. The base wine is mixed in a stainless steel pressure tank, together with sugar and yeast. This secondary fermentation in tank lasts about four weeks, during which bubbles form. When the sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide, the yeast is filtered and removed, and the wine is then bottled. A fresh, crisp sparkling wine is born! All our tradition, all our experience of fine sparkling wines, is in this bottle.

Color : This charming Rose Brut sparkling wine has a beautiful grapefruit pink color and elegant bubbles.

Nose : fresh and delicate, with lovely intense raspberry, red currant and wild strawberry aromas, enhanced by hints of citrus and floral notes.

Bubbles: Small, long-life bubbles.

Palate : the delicious flavor is balanced by layers of fresh grapefruit and red cherry. Very good length.

Aperitif, seafood, sushi, chicken and mildly spiced dishes… and chocolate desserts.

Download the tech sheet here.