Newhall Farm Ice Cider

This delicious ice cider comes from Vermont and blends Empire, Liberty, Honeycrisp, Cortland, Orange Pippin, Hawkeye Delicious, and other wild apples to create a perfect after-dinner sipper!


All the apples originate from the farm’s certified organic apple orchard. The approach to farming as well as cider-making is minimal. The apples are harvested at 35 Brix. The naturally cold temperatures from the Vermont winter freezes the juice, which can then be pressed off from the ice or water, resulting in a sweet, highly concentrated liquid. Fermentation takes about 6-8 weeks to reach a target ABV of about 12%, and with a residual sugar level of about 130-140 g/l and a refreshing 10-11 g/l of acidity. Fermentation is arrested by racking the cider and taking it outside to the cold ambient temperatures, where it ages in stainless steel tanks prior to filtering and bottling. Sulphur is used minimally.